Hope Rises

Through the darkest dark and from the lowest low,
Hope rises.

In our weakest moments, amidst our deepest fears,
Hope rises.

Though we’re sick and though we’re weary,
Hope rises.

When we’re tired and when we’re broken,
Hope rises.

In our toughest battles and through our fiercest storms,
Hope rises.

Hope rises and lifts us up.
It sets our feet on solid ground and points our eyes forward.
It nurtures, encourages and gives us the will to fight.
Hope carries us, and sometimes, Hope carries us home.

But when it does, Hope rises.
It rises to support our families and comfort our friends.
It rises to teach our children and guide their path.
Hope rises, that we may rest

In victory, Hope rises
From the grave, Hope arose
Arisen Hope, awakened grace
In grace, life abounds

Through life, we learn to love
In love, we gain faith
Through faith, Hope rises

Love endures, Faith protects, and Hope rises.

September 26, 2012
D.R. Coller



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